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USA - Air Forces

A-26C-45 Invader Premium* A-26C-45DT A6M2 Reisen Premium*
B-17E Flying FortressA-20G-30 Ha B-17E Flying Fortress /Late B-17G Flying Fortress
B-24D Liberator B-25J-1 Mitchell B-25J-20 Mitchell
Bf 109 F-4 Premium* BTD-1 Destroyer F-80C Shooting Star
F-86A-5 Sabre F-86F-2 Sabre F-86F-25 Sabre
F2A-1 Buffalo F2A-3 Buffalo F4F-3 Wildcat
F4F-4 Wildcat F4U-1a Corsair Usa F4U-1C Corsair
F4U-1A Corsair F6F-3 Hellcat F8F-1 Bearcat
F8F-1B Bearcat F9F-2 Panther F9F-5 Panther
Ki-61-Ib Hien - Premium* OS2U-1 Kingfisher OS2U-3 Kingfisher

P-26A-33 Peashooter

P-26A-34 M2 Peashooter P-26B-35 Peashooter
P-36-A Hawk P-36C Hawk P-38G Lightning
P-39K-1 Airacobra P-39N-0 Airacobra P-39Q-15 Airacobra
P-39Q-5 Airacobra P-40E-1 Kittyhawk P-47D-25 Thunderbolt
P-47D-28 Thunderbolt P-51D-20 NA Mustang P-51D-5 Mustang
P-51D-20 NA Mustang Premium* P-51D-30 Mustang P-63A-10 Kingcobra
P-63A-5 Kingcobra P-63C-5 Kingcobra P-80A
P-400 PBY-5a Catalina Rasmussen's P-36A Hawk
PBY-5 Catalina TBF-1c Avenger Thach's F2A-1 Buffalo
SBD-3 Dauntless F-82-E Twin Mustang Spitfire Mk IX - Premium*
XF5F Skyrocket Premium* XP-55 Ascender
XP-50 XP38-G Premium*
Update 1.43
  • F7F-1

  • B-57a

  • Fw 190 A-8 (USA)

  • Ki-43-II (USA)

Category: German Air Forces (All Versions)Edit

Images (5)

German Air Forces

Arado 234B-2 Bf 109 E-1 Bf 109 E-3 Me 410 A-1/U4
Bf 109 F-1 Bf 109 F-2 Bf 109 F-4 Me 410 B-1
Bf 109 F-4/trop Bf 109 G-10 Bf 109 G-2/trop Me 410 B-1/U2
Bf 109 G-6 Bf 109 K-4 Bf 110 C-4 Me 410 B-2/U4
CR.42 Falco Do 217 E-2 Do 217 E-4 Me 410 B-6/R3
Do 217 J-1 Do 217 J-2 Do 217 K-1 SM.79B Sparviero
Do 217 M-1 Do 217 N-1 Do 217 N-2 SM.79bis Sparviero
Fw 190 A-1 Fw 190 A-5 Fw 190 A-8 SM.79 Sparviero Germany
Fw 190 D-12 Fw 190 D-13 Fw 190 D-9 SM.79B Sparviero
Fw 190 F-8 G.50 Freccia Series 2 G.50 Freccia series 7AS SM.79bis Sparviero

Ta 152 H-1

He 111 H-16 He 111 H-16b SM.79bis Sparviero /Late
He 111 H-3 He 111 H-6 He 112 A-0 Wellington Mk Ic Germany
He 112 B-0 He 112 B-1 He 112 V-5
He 162 A-2 He 51 A-1 He 51 B-1
He 51 C-1 He 51 C-1 /Late Ho 229 V3
Hs 129B-2 Hs 129B-3 Ju 87 B-2
Ju 87 D-3 Ju 87 G-2 Ju 87 R-2
Ju 87D-5 Ju 87G-1 Ju 88 A-4
La-5FN "Captured" M.C.200 serie 3 M.C.200 series 7
M.C.202 Folgore Marcolin's CR.42CN Me 163 B
Me 262 A-1a Schwalbe Me 410 A-1 Me 410 A-1/U2
Update 1.43
  • Fw 190 A-4

  • Ho 229 V-3

  • Tempest MK.V (Germany)

  • Yak-1B (Germany)

  • Bf.109 G2 (Romanian) – Will be available at a later time

Category: USSR Air Forces (All Versions)Edit


USSR Air Forces

Ar-2 B-25J-30 Mitchell Ussr BB-1 Tu-2S-59
Fw 190 D-9 Captured I-15 M-22 I-15 WR Tu-2/en
I-153 M-62 Chaika I-153P Chaika I-15bis Yak-15
I-15R I-16 type 28 Ishak I-185 (M-82) Yak15P
IL-10 IL-2 IL-2M Yak-17
IL-4 La-5 La-5F Yak-1B
La-5FN Ussr La-7 La-7B-20 Yak-3


LaGG-3-11 LaGG-3-23 Yak-3P
LaGG-3-34 LaGG-3-35 LaGG-3-66 Yak-7B
LaGG-3-8 MiG-15 MiG-15bis Yak-9K


MiG-3-15 (BK) MiG-9 Late Yak-9P
MiG-9 Ussr P-39N-0 Airacobra (SU) P-40E-1 Kittyhawk Ussr Yak-9T
P-63A-10 Kingcobra Ussr P-63A-5 Kingcobra Ussr P-63C-5 Kingcobra Ussr Yak-9U
PBY-5a Catalina Ussr Pe-2-1 Peshka Pe-2-110 Peshka Yak-9UT
Pe-2-205 Peshka Pe-2-21 Peshka Pe-2-359 Peshka Ussr Yer-2 ACh-30B /Early
Pe-2-83 Peshka Pe-3 Pe-3 /Early Yer-2 M-105
Pe-3bis Po-2 SB 2M-100 Yer-2 M-105 TAT-BT
SB 2M-103 SB 2M-103 MV-3 SB 2M-103U Yer-2 M-105R LU-MV-2B
SB 2M-103U MV-3 SB 2M-105 Su-2 M-82 Yer-2 M-105R TAT-BT 
Su-2 MV-5 Su-2 TSS-1 TB-3M-17-32 Zhukovsky's I-153-M62
Tu-2 Tu-2S Tu-2S-44
Update 1.43
  • I-16 type 5

  • Yak-1

  • Yak-9

  • Il-28

  • P-47D (USSR)

Category: UK Air Forces (All Versions)Edit

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UK-Air Forces

Boomerang Mk II

Beaufighter Mk 21 Gladiator Mk IIF Nimrod Mk I Tempest Mk V
Beaufighter Mk VIc Gladiator Mk IIS Nimrod Mk II Tempest Mk.V (Vickers P)
Beaufighter Mk X Havoc Mk I Sea Meteor F. Mk.3 Tuck's Gladiator Mk.II
Beaufort Mk VIII Hellcat F Mk I Sea Meteor F.3 Tucks Gladiator Mk.II

Blenheim Mk IV

Hellcat Mk I Spitfire F. Mk IX Typhoon Mk 1-A
Boomerang Mk I Hurricane Mk I Spitfire F. Mk XVI Typhoon Mk 1-B

Boomerang Mk II

Hurricane Mk II Spitfire LF. Mk IX Typhoon Mk 1-B /Late
Boston Mk I Hurricane Mk IIB Spitfire Mk I Vampire FB.5
D.520 Lancaster Mk III Spitfire Mk Ia Venom FB.4
D.521 Meteor F. Mk.3 Spitfire Mk IIa Wellington Mk Ic
DB-7 Meteor F. Mk.4 type G.41F Spitfire Mk IIb Wellington Mk Ic /Late
Fury Mk I Meteor F. Mk.4 type G.41G Spitfire Mk Vb/trop Wellington Mk III
Fury Mk II Meteor F. Mk.8 Spitfire Mk Vc Wellington Mk X
Fury Mk II Mosquito FB Mk VI Swordfish Mk I Wirraway
Gladiator Mk II Mustang Mk IA Tempest Mk II
Update 1.43
  • Lancaster Mk.I

  • Canberra B. Mk.2

  • Venom FB. Mk.4

  • Catalina Mk. IVa

Category: Japan Air Forces (All Versions) Edit

Descarga (2)

Japan Air Forces

A5M4 Hagiri's A5M4 Ki-84 ko
A6M2 Reisen Ki-10-I Ki-84 ko Hayate
A6M2-N Ki-10-I C Ki-84 otsu
A6M3 Reisen Ki-10-II Ki-84 otsu Hayate
A6M3 Reisen mod 22 Ki-10-II C Ki-96
A6M3 Reisen mod 22-Ko Ki-102 Otsu N1K2-J Shiden-Kai
A6M5 Ko Reisen Ki-200 Shusui N1K2-Ja Shiden-Kai
A6M5 Otsu Ki-43-II Hayabusa
A6M5 Reisen Ki-45 hei Toryu
A7HE-1 Ki-45 ko Toryu


Ki-45 otsu Toryu
B7-A-2 Ki-45 tei Toryu
Bf 109 E-3 "Japan" Ki-49-I Donryu
D3-A-1 Ki-49-IIa Donryu
F1M2 Ki-49-IIb Donryu
F4U-1a Corsair Ki-49-IIb Donryu /Late
Fw 190 A-5 Japan Ki-61-I hei Hien
G4M1 Ki-61-I ko Hien
G5N1 Shinzan Ki-61-I otsu Hien
G8N1 Renzan Ki-84 hei
G8N1 Renzan Ki-84 hei Hayate
Update 1.43
  • Ki-27 otsu

  • Ki-43-I

  • J7W1

  • Kitsuka

  • R2Y2 KAI V1

  • R2Y2 KAI V2

  • R2Y2 KAI V3

  • B-17E (Japan)

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