At later tiers, British 20mm Hispano cannons, the same for all the Meteor Variants, are concentrated in the nose and both accurate and powerful. Although perhaps not as powerful as some jet armaments from other nations, the British Meteors tend to have the advantage in how much ammunition they can carry, as it is generally more than other cannon using nations.

Also another jet added in 1.53 called the Hawker Hunter, is a new jet with 4 30mm ADEN cannons. It is a deadly jet, but lacks maneuverability unlike the Meteors.

3 - Meteor f3

Meteor Mk.III

4 - sea Meteor f3

Sea Meteor Mk.III

5 - Meteor f4 lw

Meteor Mk.IV SW

6 - Meteor f4 sw

Meteor Mk.IV LW

7 - Meteor f8

Meteor Mk.VIII


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