A-20G Havoc
A-20G Havoc
Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Rank II (2)
Battle Rating 2.3
Type Attacker
Maximum Speed on height 546 km/h
Maximum Altitude 7224 m
Turn Time 38.1 seconds
Rate of Climb 10 m/s
Takeoff Run 604 m
Armament 6x 12.7 mm Browning machine guns (2100 rds)
1x Turret: 2x 12.7 mm Browning machine guns (800 rds)
1x Turret: 1x 12.7 mm Browning machine gun (400 rds)
4x 500 lbs bombs
Burst Mass 3.23 kg/s

The Douglas A-20G Havoc was a family of twin-engine aircraft which included attack aircraft, light bomber and night fighter variants and which served with US, British, Soviet and other air forces during WWII. Allied air forces designated the bomber variants Boston and the night fighter variants Havoc. The US Army Air Force accepted the aircraft known as the A-20 Havoc. The A-20G currently sits at Rank 2 in the American line. The upfront cost of the aircraft is 45,000 Lion.

Design, Development, and HistoryEdit

The first production variants ordered by the RAF were the DB-7B, designated Boston Mk III; the same designation was given to the DB-73, previously ordered by France. These aircraft, mainly used as light bombers, were equipped with the same engines as the DB-7A and had larger fuel tanks which increased their range, a weak spot on the Boston Mk I / Mk II which the British wished to address.

A total of 780 Boston Mk III were ordered by Great Britain. However, a few were lost during transport and a large number were then sent to the Soviet Union.

The A-20G, delivered from February 1943, would be the most produced of all the series - 2850 were built. The glazed nose was replaced by a solid nose containing four 20 mm (.79 in) Hispano cannon and two .50 in M2 Browning machine guns, making the aircraft slightly longer than previous versions. After the first batch of 250, the unreliable cannon were replaced by more machine guns. Some had a wider fuselage to accommodate a power driven gun turret. Many A-20G's were delivered to the Soviet Union. The powerplant was the 1,600 hp (1,200 kW) R-2600-23. US A-20G's were used on low-level sorties in the New Guinea theatre.


Uni-colour 1943: Destroy 150 ground units