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TBD-1 Devastator moments after take-off of a yorktown-class aircraft carrier

The Douglas TBD Devastator is now in-game as of update 1.53. The Devastator was the direct forefather to the famous TBF Avenger. It was slow and underpowered, which led to only 6 out of 41 to return from combat at the Battle of Midway. After this they were withdrawn from service, and by 1944 none remained in training squadrons. It hase a BR of 1.7 so it will mostly play with low tier 1's to mid tier 2's

TBD-1 Specifications:

Crew: 3

Lenght: 35ft

Wingspan: 50ft

Height: 15ft 1in

Wing area: 422ft squared

Empty weight: 5,600lbs

Loaded weight: 9,289lbs

Max. takeoff weight: 10,194lbs

Max speed: 331km/h (206mph)

Cruise speed: 206km/h (128mph)

Range: 435 miles

Service ceiling: 19,500ft

Rate of climb: 720ft/min

Armament: (1x forward firing 7.7 or 12.7mm machine gun) (1x free floating 7.7mm machine gun later increased to 2x)

Bombs: (1x Mark XIII torpedo or) (1x 1,000lb bomb or) (2x 500lb bomb or) (12x 100lb bombs)