F-82E Twin Mustang
Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Rank 4
Battle Rating
Type n/a
Maximum Speed on height n/a
Maximum Altitude n/a
Turn Time n/a
Rate of Climb n/a
Takeoff Run n/a
Armament n/a
Burst Mass kg/s

The F-82E was two P-51H mustangs that connected wings and the tail fin. Unlike the P-51H, the F-82E had its guns inbetween the two P-51Hs. It was used in the Korean war. In game, the F-82E isn't very manoeuvrable, but its really fast and its guns are amazing. This plane is Rank IV American fighter. Stats: Speed: 620 km/h. Turn time: 32.9. Climb: 14.8.