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A flying boat is a fixed wing seaplane.This allows the plane to land on both land and water. During WW2 the flying boats were usually reserved for coast patrols and rescue missions. The advantage of being able to land on water was a large advantage meaning that it did not need an airport for it to land in.

Flying boats in War ThunderEdit

PBY-5 Catalina

The American Catalina

In War Thunder, there are 2 large flying boats that are available. The American Catalina and the Japanese H6K4. Both of these were originally scout planes which accounts for many of their weaknesses. Neither of those flying boats have guns at the front that are operable when flying. To use the guns at the front of the plane, you must go into your gunner seat and turn until you're facing the front. It is best to leave your front gunners to the AI as shooting manually is slow, inefficient and makes your plane locked into flying in one direction. It is also advisable to spend crew development points on the AI to help make shooting more effective.

The Flying Boats are very fragile. The H6K4 is more heavily armed, but less armored than its American counterpart.

These Flying boats are generally very slow and are easy for fighters to catch up with and attempt to shoot down. There are also 4 other smaller flying boats in War Thunder. The US O2SU Kingfisher-1 and 3, and the Japanese A6M2-N and F1M2. All 4 can carry small payloads, but are not true bombers, nor fighters. The Kingfisher's are poorly armed, with only 1 frontal and 1 rear machine gun. The A6M2-N is heavily armed, with 2 machine guns and 2 cannons, with the aircraft itself being a seaplane varient of the A6M2 Zero. The F1M2 is slightly better then the O2SU, with an extra forward facing machine gun. All flying boats can land on airfields (though only the Catalina has landing gear) flying boats will not spawn on the airfield, instead spawning near it already in the air.

Future flying boatsEdit

These flying boats/floatplanes will be added in future patches

  • Kawanishi N1K1 Interceptor(N1K1-J as landbased version)-Japan
  • Short Sunderland Bomber-Britain
  • Kawasaki H8K Bomber-Japan
  • Consolidated PB2Y Coronada Bomber-USA

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