Skins Edit

A-6 White 1 of Mjr Hans-Gunther von Kornatzki 1st Attack Squadron Dortmund 1944: Shoot down 100 players

A-4 II/JG 52 of Cpt Adolf Dickfield Tunisia April 1943: Shoot down 120 players

6 Fw190A-4 II-JG2 Tunisia

A-4 II/JG 52 Eastern Front 1943: Shoot down 280 players

A-8 12/JG301 of Master Sgt Willi Reschke Stendel 1944: Shoot down 120 players

A-4 6/JG 2 Yellow 6 of Lft Erich Rudorffer Kairouan Tunisia 1943: Shoot down 170 players

7 Fw190A-4 6-JG2 Yellow 6 Tunisia

2/JG 2 Black 1 of Lt Horst Hanning Triqueville 1943: Shoot down 200 players

A-4 II/JG 54 Black 2 of Cpl Helmut Brandt Krasnogvardeisk 1943: Shoot down 220 player

Eastern Front 1943: Shoot down 280 players

I/JG 1 France 1943: Shoot down 300 players

A-8/R8 JG 300 Blue 13 of Mjr Walther Dahl Illesheim June 1944: Shoot down 330 players

I/JG 1 Holland 1943: Shoot down 360 players

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