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German Aircraft are energy fighters. And, were designed with the principle of energy fighting in mind. Because of this the German Fighters climb and dive well, and have great energy retention. Roll rate is above average, and this is especially true of the FW 190 Series of aircraft. The Workhorse fighter of the German Tree is Me 109 (listed as its official military designation in game as the BF 109). The Do 217, ME 110 and 410, and HS 129 are the essential German ground attack aircraft. heavily armed, and surprisingly maneuverable at low altitudes(100ft-5000ft), With skillful piloting, the DO.217, 210, HS.129 and especially the 410 are a match for any foe who falls into their domain. Included in the German tree are exceptionally good Italian aircraft. Italy does not have its own independent tech tree yet (as of 2015), but a line of Italian planes, such as the CR.42 Falco, can be found in the German tree. All the Italian Planes are very fast and climb and dive well. However, for all the great speed and maneuverability the Italians possess, the weakness of their machine guns let what would be great fighters down.  


Aircraft marked with * are part of the German tech tree, but are technically Italian.

He-51A-1 He-51B-1 He-51C-1 He-51C-1/L
Horten Ho 229
CR.42 Falco* He-112V-5 G.50 serie 2* G.50 serie 7AS*
He-112A-0 M.C 200 serie 3* M.C 200 serie 7* He-112B-0
M.C. 202* Bf.109E-3 Bf.109F-4 Bf.109F-4/trop
Bf.109G-2/trop Fw.190A-5 Fw.190F-8 Bf.109 G-6
Bf.109G-10 Fw.190D-12 Ta.152 H-1 Bf.109 K-4
He-162 A-2 Me.163 B Me 262 A-1a Fw.190A-5/U2

Heavy FighterEdit

Bf.110 C-4 Do-217J-1 Do-217J-2 Do-217N-1
Me.410A-1 Me.410A-1/U2 Me.410A-1/U4 Me.410B-1
Me.410B-1/U2 Me.410B-2/U4 Me.410B-6/R3


Ju 87 G-1 Ju 87 G-2 Hs-129B-2

Dive Bomber Edit

Ju 87 B-2 Ju 87 R-2 Ju 87 D-3 Ju 87 D-5

Medium BomberEdit

Aircraft marked with * are part of the German tech tree, but are technically Italian aircraft.

He 111 H-3 Ju 88 A-4 S.79 1936


S.79 1937*
S.79 1939* S.79 1941* S.79bis* S.79bis/L*
S.79B* He 111 H-6 He 111 H-16 Do-217E-2
Do-217E-4 Do-217K-1 Do-217M-1 Ar-234B-2

Heavy BomberEdit

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Italian Aircraft

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