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German Aircraft offer small amounts of firepower but above average maneuverability. German planes from rank 4 and on have cannons. The German planes are great for boom and zoom tactics. 

Included in the German tree are Italian aircraft. Italy does not have its own independent tech tree, but a line of Italian planes, such as the CR.42 Falco, can be found in the German tree.  


Aircraft marked with * are part of the German tech tree, but are technically.

Horten Ho 229

He-51A-1 He-51B-1 He-51C-1 He-51C-1/L
CR.42 Falco He-112V-5 G.50 serie 2 G.50 serie 7AS*
He-112A-0 M.C 200 serie 3 M.C 200 serie 7 He-112B-0
M.C. 202 Bf.109E-3 Bf.109F-4 Bf.109F-4/trop
Bf.109G-2/trop Fw.190A-5 Fw.190F-8 Bf.109 G-6
Bf.109G-10 Fw.190D-12 Ta.152 H-1 Bf.109 K-4
He-162 A-2 Me.163 B Me 262 A-1a Fw.190A-5/U2

Heavy FighterEdit

Bf.110 C-4 Do-217J-1 Do-217J-2 Do-217N-1
Me.410A-1 Me.410A-1/U2 Me.410A-1/U4 Me.410B-1
Me.410B-1/U2 Me.410B-2/U4 Me.410B-6/R3


Ju 87 G-1 Ju 87 G-2 Hs-129B-2

Dive Bomber Edit

Ju 87 B-2 Ju 87 R-2 Ju 87 D-3 Ju 87 D-5

Medium BomberEdit

Aircraft marked with * are part of the German tech tree, but are technically Italian aircraft.

He 111 H-3 Ju 88 A-4 S.79 1936


S.79 1937
S.79 1939 S.79 1941 S.79bis S.79bis/L
S.79B He 111 H-6 He 111 H-16 Do-217E-2
Do-217E-4 Do-217K-1 Do-217M-1 Ar-234B-2

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