Gladiator Mk. II
Gladiator Mk. II Main
Rank 1 Rank2
Type Fighter
Maximum Speed 414 km/h
On Height 4420 m
Maximum Altitude 10,211 m
Turn Time 16 seconds
Rate of Climb 16 m/s
Takeoff Run 232 m
Armament 4x 7.7mm Browning machine guns (2000 rds)
Burst Mass 0.66 kg/s

The Gloster Gladiator Mk. II is a Tier 1 biplane fighter in the British line in War Thunder. It holds the distinction of being the first fighter with an enclosed cockpit, along with being one of the fastest biplane fighters produced. The upfront cost is 1,000 Lion . And the crew training cost is 200 Lion.  


The Gladiator became operational in 1937 and was a development of the earlier Gloster Gauntlet with single bay wings and an enclosed cockpit. Powered by an 830 hp Bristol mercury radial engine, it had a top speed of 407 km/h at 4,400 m. Armed with four 7.7 mm machine guns, the gladiator was faster and better armed than most other biplanes but was rapidly eclipsed by more modern monoplanes such as the Hurricane and Spitfire. In spite of facing significantly more formidable fighters such as the Bf 109, the Gladiator fared surprisingly well in combat overall.

The Gladiator has a surprising turn of speed for a biplane, being able to make over 400 km/h in the correct conditions. In spite of this, it remains far slower than most monoplane fighters and is even outperformed by some bombers for straight line speed. In combat, the Gladiator is best used for tight, turning battles, taking advantage of its light wing loading and excellent agility. It is advisable to avoid engaging well defended bombers inside the field of fire of their turrets, as the Gladiator's light armament is unlikely to do significant damage before the bomber's gunners damage it. Even with its weaknesses, the Gladiator is a significant improvement on the Reserve fighters that are available at the beginning of the game with its heavier armament and speed.