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Aircraft GameplayEdit

Tank Gameplay Edit

Basic Survival Tips Edit

  1. Know your tank's strengths and weaknesses. Speed, agility, firepower, armor, turret rotation speed, weapon reload time -- all of these are extremely important as they will affect how well your tank performs.
  2. Know the other tanks. This will take time, but it is beneficial to be aware of key characteristics of the other armor which may be present in battle. For example, a T-34 1940 may undergo greater precaution when engaging a Tiger. Another example: A KV-2, armed with a powerful main gun can be destroyed Pz IV F2 during a critical interval as the KV-2 is known to have a slow reload time of ~42 seconds. Learning to recognise small patterns and characteristics such as this can give even weaker tanks an advantage.
  3. Know the anatomy of a Tank. Knowing which vulnerable area or position of an enemy armor to target will assist in quick dispatch. Know where each critical component of the other tank, including one's own; Ammunition racks, Fuel tanks, Turret Rings, Engines, Tracks and crew stations. Accurate targeting can instantly destroy any tank if not, cripple it.
  4. Research and know different effects from different ammunition types. Each different shell provide an advantage and disadvantage depending on target type and situation it is used in. Before entering a game or engaging an enemy, provide the following evaluation: Does the map provide plentiful cover? Is it opened space? Is long-range combat common? Is close-quarters engagements common? What tank type is most expected to appear? Heavy? Medium? Light? SPG? SPAA?
  5. Angle the vehicle. Angling the vehicle whilst engaging, advancing or retreating whilst taking fire may limit damage from hostile fire. Some effects from different shell types although extremely effective at a 90 degree angle impact with the target, can be completely neutralised or negated if impacting at a particular angle.
  6. Be aware of actions which can reveal one's position, such as firing, knocking down trees, and moving. The need to move, fire, knock down trees will be common if not inevitable and thus, at the very least must be kept to a minimum when possible.
  7. In realistic battles, attempt to avoid moving when enemy aircraft are overhead. It will become difficult for hostile aircraft to spot stationary targets with the exception if out in an field or similar open locations. In such situations, it is imperative to find cover as quickly as possible.
  8. Some locations that appear to be good hiding places, aren't. In realistic battles, hiding in trees or brush may make it visually hard to be seen, but the risk is that more experienced players may still be able to take notice and open fire.

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