Hawker Nimrod
Hawker Nimrod Mk. I
Rank Reserve Rank2
Type Light Fighter/Biplane
Maximum Speed 393 km/h
On Height 4100 m
Maximum Altitude 8,100 m
Turn Time 16 seconds
Rate of Climb 16 m/s
Takeoff Run 232 m
Armament 2x 7.7mm Vickers E machine guns (1200 rds)
Burst Mass 0.35kg/s

The Hawker Nimrod is a biplane fighter and one of the British Reserve aircraft. As a biplane, the Nimrod is maneuverable, but inferior in its ability to turn and maintain altitude in maneuvers in comparison to the Russian reserve aircraft. Similar to the Fury in design, the Nimrod is a carrier-based fighter. Introduced in 1933, the Nimrod saw limited service, and was replaced by the Sea Gladiator by the start of World War II. The statistics of the Nimrod Mk. I and Mk. II are identical to the other British Reserve aircraft.

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