He 111

He 111

The Heinkel He 111 is a tier 4 German Medium Bomber. The He 111 is the first real bomber that is unlocked in the German tech tree. Being only a tier 4 bomber it performs relatively well and its hefty payload of bombs can take out numerous ground targets before having to reload.

The He 111 comes equipped with a bomb load of 3.2 5kg bombs, while not especially powerful bombs the sheer number of them is adequate to destroy most targets, though tougher objects like ships and pillboxes do require more than one pass to destroy. With a top speed of 360km which itself is rarely reached the He 111 has trouble outrunning enemy fighters and like nearly all German WWII bombers lacks adequate defensive armament. Like most of the German bombers of WWII the He 111 suffered from very poor defensive armament, defense of the aircraft was left to 5 gunners, each with a 7.9mm single MG15 machine gun.
He 111 side view

He 111 side view

The limitations of these weapons included limited firing angle, too small a calibre to inflict much damage and 75 round magazines. Another disadvantage was that unlike some other Allied bombers which had electrically powered turrets the He 111 turrets worked on sockets.

Skins Edit

KG 55 France 1940; Destroy 80 ground units

13 He111H-3 KG55

KG 55

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