The LVT(A)(1) is an American amphibious light tank in tier I. The result of mounting an M3A1 turret to the hull of an AMTRAC landing craft. It was popularly used in the Pacific Theatre for providing fire support for landing marines on the beaches.

Design, Development, and History Edit

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • Good gun, has the 37mm M6 as opposed to the M5
  • Very spacious lay out, crew members in the back are near impossible to hit with shots to the front of the hull
  • Near impossible to oneshot without a hull break or ammo rack
  • Ammo rack is near impossible to hit
  • Front transmission can absorb huge amounts of damage
  • Decently mobile for its size

Cons Edit

  • Hull is extremely thin
  • A well placed shot can immobilize you and destroy your turret crew
  • All SPAA pose a large threat

In-Game Strategy Edit

On maps with lakes/rivers it is a good idea to launch yourself and keep up sustained fire on enemy positions. You have no cover at all, but you do have the element of suprise as the enemy will not be expecting shells from the water.

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