The four Myōkō class cruisers (妙高型巡洋艦 Myōkō-gata jun'yōkan) were built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the late 1920s. Three were lost during World War II.

Myoko Class Heavy Cruiser
Wt navy screen 8

Japanese Heavy Cruiser Myoko

Ships built Myoko (1927), Nachi (1927), Haguro (1928), Ashigara (1928)
Displacement 13,380t Standard
Length 201,7m
Width 20,7m
Draft 6,3m
Propulsion 4-shafted geared Turbines with 96'940 kW
Speed 33,5 kn
Armour Sidearmour: 100mm; Deck: 65-125mm; Turrets: 40mm

10 x 20,3 cm Guns (5x2)

8 x 12,7cm Dual Purpose Guns (4x2)

8 x 2,5cm Anti-Air Guns

16 x 61cm Torpedolaunchers

Planes 3 Planes


This vehicle is unplayable, and can only appear as AI.