North American P-51D Mustang
089 p-51d-5


Note: Base stats only (no upgrade installed)
Type Fighter
Armament 6x 12.7mm (.50-Browning MG53-2)

In real life there were seven variants of this aircraft. But only the mass produced D variant is in game. 

Historical InfoEdit

The P-51 had its beginnings 1938 when the UK came to the US asking for a fighter/bomber. The scarsety of P-40s at the time caused the British to ask for their own production line. The North American company said they could have a newer, better attacker before another factory could be set up. This became the A-36 Apache. By mid-1944, the plane had evolved to the The P-51D.

Because of its good maneuverability and its range the P-51D was often used as a bomber escort. Performing exceptional good on very high altitudes.


It is currently rank 4, before it's sucessor the F-82 twin mustang. It has 6 12.7mm guns and can carry either 6 HVARs or 1 ton of bombs. It was made to be flown as high as possible and escorting or taking down bombers.