The SMK was a prototype tank developed by the Soviet Union prior to the Second World War. Its distinct two turrets make it a fun but often difficult tank to play, but in the right hands this tank can be extremely intimidating. The development of the SMK, and its subsequent failure during combat at the Battle of Summa (Russia’s Winter War against Finland), led to the success of the KV line and therefore the IS line of Soviet tanks.

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The SMK, the two KV-1 prototypes and the two T-100 prototypes were put through proving trials before being tested operationally in combat at the Battle of Summa during the Winter War against Finland. The vehicles formed a company of the 91st Tank Battalion of the 20th Heavy Tank Brigade. The unit was under the command of the son of the Defence Commissar. After being immobilized by a mine, the SMK had to be abandoned and was not recovered for 2 months.

The KV design proved superior in both trials in Finland and was accepted.

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