Ussr t 26 1940
Rank I (1)
Battle Rating 1.0
Mass 9.8 tons
Engine Power 75 hp at 2200 rpm
Maximum Speed 30 km/h
Maximum Inclination 40°
Turret Rotation Speed 6.0°/s
Vertical Guidance
Hull Armor 15 / 15 / 6 mm
Turret Armor 15 / 15 / 15 mm
Armor Penetration
at distances
52 / 43 / 35 mm
100 / 500 / 1000 m
Rate of Fire 15.8 shots/minute
Reloading Rate 3.8 s

The T-26 mod.1939 is a Rank I Reserve light tank in the Russian heavy tank line of ground vehicles.


This is the soviet starter tank, unlike its german counterpart, the PzKpfw II Ausf.C, it has a single-shot cannon, that makes it more suitable for ranged engagements. It is less armored, so it's better to keep at least 200 meters between you and your target.


  • 1 x 45 mm 20-K cannon (205 Rounds)
  • 1 x 7.62 mm DT machine gun (1,890 Rounds)

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