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Comments8 Share (29-11-2013)

  • Few bugs causing client crash fixed. (14-11-2013)

  • Few texture inaccuracies corrected.
  • Few bugs causing client crash fixed.
  • ‘Player left’ message removed as distracting. (23-10-2013)

  • Few bugs causing client crash fixed.
  • Graphic bug with dissapearing of plane's parts fixed. (18-10-2013)

  • Flight model bug fixed for He.112B-0.
  • Fixed ‘Virtual PC attempt” error message.
  • Gaming chat in the Events mode is now divided for different languages. (16-10-2013)

  • Lidya Litvyak's personal decal and skin for Yak-1b added.
  • Fixes for events mode interface and squads functions.
  • Camera behaviour when the plane is destroyed has been fixed.
  • Flight Model changes:
    • Introduced proper supercharger stages control (its possible to have more than two stages).
    • Fixed governor work (removed the ability to gain speed boost playing with pitch screw).
    • USAF Spitirfe Mk. IX and Bf 109 F-4 trop have received proper FM now.
    • FM of the whole He 112 series have been reworked.
      • He-112V5
        • Engine: Jumo 210C
        • Speed: 489 km/h at 2800m altitude
        • Time of climb: 1000 m - 1 min 30 seconds
      • He.112 A-0
        • Engine: Jumo 210D
        • Speed: 490 km/h at 2800m altitude
        • Time of climb: 1000 m - 1 min 22 seconds
      • He.112 B-0
        • Engine: Jumo 210C
        • Speed: 510 km/h at 2800m altitude and 430 km\h at the sea level
        • Time of climb: 1000 m - 1 min 12 seconds; 4000 m - 6 mins; 6000 m - 10 mins
      • He.112 B-1
        • Engine: Jumo 210E
        • Speed: 509 km/h at 2850 m altitude and 462 km/h at the sea level
        • Time of climb: 1000 m - 1 min 18 seconds (10-10-2013)

  • Rare black skies bug (when dawn) fixed.
  • Client doesn't freeze when connection lost.
  • Few bugs with squad adding and disabling are fixed.
  • Few bugs causing client crash fixed. (30-09-2013)

  • Fixes of "Events" interface.
  • Fixed bugs with mid-air reload in Arcade mode.
  • Added option for automatic reload on the airfield.
  • Enhanced camera behavior in Mouse-aim mode when looking from the cockpit.
  • Several client crashes fixed.
  • Pilot can't join the "Event" battle on HB and FRB difficulties without completing tutorials in HB and FRB.
  • Fixed flight model for Bf.109F-4 & Bf.109F-4\trop fighters.

1.35 (26-09-2013)

Full changelog HERE . (23-08-2013)

  • Added instructor customization options to interface (menu/controls/instructor).
  • Fixed a crash when adding a friend in steam.
  • Outbound network traffic optimizations.
  • Servers and game client stability improved. (14-08-2013)

  • Carrier landing fixed (It should work correctly now).
  • Visual errors in plane models, cockpits and damaged plane components fixed for the following aircrafts: Spitfire ( all modifications), Ar-2, Pe-2. La-7(B)-20, F8F, F9F, P-26 ( all modifications), P-36 ( all modifications), Blenheim Mk.IV, Ju87 ( all modifications), Fw.190 ( all modifications), Beaufighter ( all modifications), BTD-1.
  • FM fixed for P-26, P-38, P-47 - all modifications.
  • AI take off fixed (They should no longer roll to the side of the airfield and/or crash).
  • A Chat channel has been added for FRB.
  • Externally carried pods are now spent correctly after plane is destroyed.
  • Stars and moon are visible in bad weather conditions above the clouds.
  • Some minor balance fixes of ground units in most missions.
  • After a successful reload on an aircraft carrier, the aircraft is set to the starting point at the back of the carrier so that it can take off a lot more easily.
  • Accuracy for the following MGs has been fixed (increased):
    • Ho 103
    • Breda SAFAT 12.7 mm
    • Breda SAFAT 7.7 mm Browning 303
    • Browning M2
    • Browning M3
  • Repair costs changed according to new statistical data. Most changes are minor, overall costs became a bit lower.
  • B-24D is rank 15 now (1 Rank lower) A-26 is rank 15 now (1 Rank lower), BF.109F.4 is rank 8 now (1 rank higher),Tu-2/late is rank 15 now (1 Rank lower), Lancaster Mk.III is rank 15 now (1 Rank lower). (13-08-2013)

  • Arado Ar.234 is now Level 19.
  • Vampire Fb.5 is now Level 18.
  • [Operation]Korea in HB is now available only for jets.
  • [Operation]Berlin in HB is now available for tiers 10-17.
  • FRB map rotation update: USSR vs Germany. (09-08-2013)

  • Engine sound fading most probably fixed.
  • FMBC Mk1's description fixed.
  • New arcade map added - "Grave Robbers' Cliff".
  • Hispano upgrades fixed (jammimg issue).
  • F8F, F9F, P-47 graphical inconsistencies fixed.
  • Crashes in Japanese localization fixed.
  • De Havilland DH.100 Vampire FB.Mk.5. FM updated.
  • Browning 7.7 spread fixed.
  • P-51 D-30 Mustang and gift P-51 D-30 Mustang D-20 NA added.
  • Fuselage aerodynamics fixed (frontal resistance fixed) for following aircraft: A6M2, A6M2n, A6M3, A6M3 mod 22, A6M5, B-25J, Boomerang Mk I\II, D3A1, F1M2, Fw-190 D12, Ki-49, N1K2, p-63 A-10, OS2U Kingfisher, TBF, Wirraway, BTD.
  • Air brakes for F-80 fixed.
  • Wing and flaps aerodynamics for F2A3 fixed.
  • F8F basic characteristics display fixed.
  • Requirements for modifications have been fixed for following planes: MiG-15, Spitfires mk. IX and mk.XVI.
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed as well.

1.33 (08-08-2013)

War Thunder - 104:25

War Thunder - 1.33 UPDATE ENGLISH

Full changelog is available HERE . (20-07-2013)

  • Sky Duels preparation. (18-07-2013)

  • Some client crashes fixed. (12-07-2013)

  • Fixed:bug with bombs\rockets\torpedoes resetting to defaults.
  • Fixed: Flying trees (on some configurations).
  • Fixed: gunner aiming (Occasionally aiming in wrong direction).
  • Fixed: rare desync on carrier takeoff.
  • Fixed: desync with some modifications.
  • Fixed: kills count (in some cases kills were not counted).
  • Fixed: Damage model of  Beaufighter Mk.6c,Mk.X, Mk.21 (they were resistant to some fires).
  • Fixed: description stats of squadrons (it is calculated over last 14 days).
  • Fixed: reset of skins\decals (now they should be correctly changing).

Single Missions and Historical campaign fixes

  • Shōkaku Defense and Operation "A-Go" - weather.
  • Battle for Henderson Field (planes in the air were at 0 throttle).
  • Counterattack - carriers are now more vulnerable to torpedoes. Added secondary mission objective.
  • Fate of Hiryū- position of Yorktown.
  • Yamato's Death - Yamato now more vulnerable to torpedoes. (08-07-2013)

  • Me-410 airbrakes fixed.
  • Fixed saving of selected weapons and skins in battle and in hangar.
  • Fixed DM bug when some planes could have some damage in construction after respawn (relevant for battles with respawn). (04-07-2012)

  • Chat problems fixed. (04-07-2013)

  • Fixes for Oculus Rift.
  • New functions for Squadrons.
  • 10+ game client's crashes fixed.
  • Polish Air Force decal added. (28-06-2013)

  • Several game client's crashes fixed. (25-06-2013)

  • New economy. Advantages and disadvantages of two previous models have been taken into account.
    • Prices for buying new planes, modifications, specializations  reduced.
    • Battle trophies introduced. This is an additional reward that may be received after battle in AB, HB, FRB.
    • Chance of receiving a battle trophy depends on your performance in battle, time spent in the air and number of players in game session.
    • After-battle calculation of damage dealt to a plane is changed, now more parameters are taken into account, thus making calculation significantly more precise.
    • Repair costs for some planes increased. For certain planes repair costs were reduced.
    • Rewards for actions in battle have not been changed, Which means that a plane with 100% reward ratio in new economy will receive the same reward as a plane with 100% reward ratio in old economy. Reward ratio changed for some planes, some increased, some reduced.
    • Pice change HERE .
  • Squadron sorting in leaderboards in HB/FRB fixed.
  • Number of players in Squadron leaderboards added.
  • Damage Model for Ki-45 fixed.
  • Many client crashes issues fixed.
  • New personal skin for Tempest added. (21-06-2013)

  • Bug in Fw-190D fixed. Aircraft had 600 kg less weight than historically correct.
  • Separate leaederboard for Squadrons added: Arcade Battles, Historical Battles, Full Realistic Battles. Current leaderboards have been wiped.
  • Several Fixes in HB missions.
  • Several game client's crashes fixed. (19-06-2013)

  • Strengthened the frameworks and load-carrying elements for multi-engined aircraft.
  • Adjusted damage processing for tail elements of multi-engined aircraft.
  • Player-controlled turret gunners shoot more precise.
  • Reduced durability of internal modules of ground units (heavy, medium and light tanks and tank-based AA units). Anti-tank aircraft cannons now inflict more damage to ground forces.
  • 15% increased impulse(speed) for missilies RS-132, RS-82, HVAR, RP3.
  • 20% increased shooting accuracy of missiles.
  • Missiles warhead power tuned to these perfomance figures (relatively for all rockets depending on caliber):
    • Heavy missiles, caliber 127-132mm (RS-132,HVAR, RP3 ):
      • Tanks of all types can be destroyed on direct hit.
      • Heavy tanks and heavy SP guns can be destroyed in the distance of 1,5m from the explosion.
      • Medium tanks and medium SP guns can be destroyed in the distance of 2-3m from the explosion.
      • Light tanks and light SP guns can be destroyed in the distance up to 4m from the explosion.
      • Unarmored targets and artillery can be destroyed by fragments in the distance up to 25m.
    • Medium missiles (for example, RS-82):
      • Tanks of all types can be detsroyed on direct hit only.
      • Unarmored targets and artillery can be destroyed by fragments in the distance up to 12m.
  • Improved accuracy of turret machine guns when controlled by player: reduced additional technical scattering when shooting long bursts.
  • Changes in missions:
    • Domination:
      • All Domination missions are now less dependable on ground units. Wiping of ground targets in the beginning of a round won't lead to quick victory.
      • Mozdok. Respawn points are changed to make this map spacious.
    • Ground Strike:
      • Khalkin-Gol and Stalingrad: ground forces positions changed. (14-06-2013)

  • La-5FN/La-7 climb rate fixed.
  • Textures on some planes were improved.
  • Shadows were improved.
  • Performance was improved.
  • Squadron management improved.
  • Landing on the carrier improved (hook works).
  • New loading screen images added.
  • Blank icons for some awards fixed. (13-06-2013)

  • Better perfomance for multi-core CPU.
  • Some client crashes fixed. (11-06-2013)

War Thunder - 104:10

War Thunder - 1.31 Update ENGLISH VERSION

Complete patch notes can be found HERE . (07-06-2013)

  • Some client crashes fixed. (05-06-2013)

  • Net traffic optimised and some client crashes fixed. (01-06-2013)

  • Few client crashes have been fixed. (24-05-2013)

  • Fixed: fragmentation and explosive effects for ShVAK 20mm cannons.
  • Fixed: Blenheim's weapons select bug.
  • Few client crashes have been fixed. (20-05-2013)

  • Several client shut-downs have been fixed. (18-05-2013)

  • Update for servers. (15-05-2013)

  • Some minor exploits were fixed. (02-05-2013)

  • Updated flight models for: Yak-1B, Yak-7, Yak-3, Yak-9T and all modifications of A6M.
  • Bugs fixed in the flight model of B-25.
  • Fixed some typos and mistakes in the texts and descriptions.
  • Bug fixed: player may respawn on the captured airfield.
  • Bug fixed: spawn point might be saved from previous sessions.
  • Bug fixed: engine is damaged after repair.
  • Traffic is reduced for the mission’s start.
  • ‘One-second burst mass’ parameter is back. (25-04-2013)

  • Several shut-down issues fixed. (18-04-2013) (05-04-2013) (03-04-2013)

  • Bugfix: "Mouse-Joystick" controls may switch on by default for the new players.. (03-04-2013)

  • Fixed problem, when launcher downloads update for too long without any visible progress. (31-03-2013)

  • Client is ready for Golden Eagle Battles. (27-03-2013)

  • More informative ammo belts description.
  • Shutdowns on Intel graphic cards are fixed.
  • Shutdowns on the ATI 1950/1650 are fixed.
  • Bug fix: engine sound dissapears when playing some maps.
  • Damage Model (DM) is fixed and now works as supposed in v.1.29.
  • Turret gunners behaviour is changed. (25-03-2013)

  • Improvement of the server's efficiency and optimization of client synchroniation with servers. (22-03-2013)

  • Fixed shadows in cockpits with telescopic sights.
  • Further improvements for bombing crosshairs.
  • Fixed saves for autopilot settings.
  • Improved “New rank” window. (21-03-2013)

  • Standard ammo belts are also available to equip.
  • Now you can see the scattering range when drop bombs from wrong angles.
  • Tracers visibility improved.
  • Summer came to the hangar.
  • Arcade bombing crosshair bugs fixed for dive-bombing for bombers, attackers and fighters.
  • Bombing sight is fixed for bombers.
  • Fixed repair on the airfields being taken.
  • Fixed fuel amount when starting a battle.
  • Fixed respawn after repair - no more distant respawn away from the airfield.
  • Slightly improved maneuverability in Arcade Battles.
  • Fixed excessive effects of wing damage on the aircraft steering.
  • Improvements in the gaming interface.
  • Minor optimizations in shadow drawing (less potential freezes now).
  • Better mouse aiming and the Instructor reactions when the plane is damaged. (20-03-2013)

  • Bug fixed: friends' statuses may be shown incorrectly in the contact list.
  • Several client shutdowns fixed.

1.29 (19-03-2013)

War Thunder - 103:01

War Thunder - 1.29 UPDATE (ENGLISH VERSION) (05-03-2013)

  • Disabled plane purchase by SPACE button in Hangar.
  • Several shut down issues fixed.

1.27.30 (02-03-2013)

  • Faster initial loading of the hangar.
  • Several shut-down issues fixed.
  • Languages added: German, French, Polish, Czech,Turkish,Spanish,Italian.

Please note: This is a first iteration of translation. We will constantly improve it.

1.27.28 (27-02-2013)

Minor update, no servers reboot.

  • Faster initial loading of the hangar.
  • Several shut-down issues fixed. (22-02-2013)

  • Some client shutdown issues fixed.
  • Bug fix: when engine is stalled/off, the sound of working engine didn't dissapear.
  • Bug fix: when tail is teared off, tail gunners are still visible.
  • Bug fix: decals dissapear in test flight.
  • Significantly reduced time of hangar loading. - 1.27.25 (14-02-2013)

  • More accurate count of players/fights in the "Choose game mode" menu.
  • Bug fix: graphic issues in F1M2 sight.
  • Fixed graphical artifacts on the ice.
  • Fixed engine sound issue on He-111.
  • Improved synchronization of aircrafts with server.
  • Bug fix: enemy aircraft remains highlighted even when out of visibility.
  • Optimized visibility rendering on servers.
  • Improved stability of the client and the server.

  • Improved client stability.

  • Improved client stability.
  • Improved stability for the slow PCs.
  • Error codes added.
  • Improved stability for replays.

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