• Backfirejr

    The Official War Thunder Wikipedia, run by Gaijin itself, is now open to edits and submissions from ordinary registered users, so if you feel like getting in on all the official "action" going on over there, then head on over to . =)

    After you've submitted an edit on their Wiki, it will have to be approved, so don't panic if you don't see your work displayed instantly.

    I'm not active on the site here, but I'm always willing to help you guys out and share my know-how in terms of using and editing this wikia page, so just ask (I've had a hand in setting most of the stuff up, after all ;) ). I'm really proud of all the work you folks have continued to do and you have my sincerest thanks!!

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  • Backfirejr

    Wikia Renovations

    July 28, 2014 by Backfirejr

    Hello everyone! :)

    We are currently in the process of planning an overhaul of the wikia, getting it up to date in terms of data, as well as making it easier to navigate. In order to help us do this, we're looking into blocking edits made by non-registered users, in order to ensure that we won't experience any more vandalism attempts or spam, while working on the wikia. What this will mean to you will largely depend on how you're using the Wikia today. If you already have a free user account, then nothing will change - you will still be able to edit like you've been able to previously. If you haven't signed up for a user account yet, however, you won't be able to edit any of the pages on the Wikia untill it is re-enabled. As an unregistered …

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  • Backfirejr

    Hey there everybody!

    I would like to recommend that all of you wonderful editors, who currently don't have an account, go and make one. That way you'll be able to recieve recognition for your hard work, we admins and mods will be able to get into contact with you, allowing you to get even more of an influence on how this site develops, as well as granting you access to the achievement system.

    That's right, we have an achievement system. Work hard and you'll soon have more achievements than even the oldest veterans of this site, properly showing how awesome of an editor you really are. Go on, put us to shame! :D

    That's all for now. Have a nice day. :)

    ~ Backfirejr

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  • Backfirejr

    New Admin Team

    December 27, 2012 by Backfirejr

    Hello everyone!

    We now have a new admin team, consisting of Silentsub, JF Mule, Avarik aka Maximilian and Backfirejr (me). We're all very much looking forward to creating a great War Thunder wiki with all of you! If you have any questions regarding the wiki, please direct them towards the admin team and we'll answer them the best we can. 

    If you have any suggestions/critique regarding the wiki and how it's being run, then please share your thoughts with us on the wiki forum. 

    Backfirejr (talk) 17:13, December 27, 2012 (UTC)

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