Hello everyone! :)

We are currently in the process of planning an overhaul of the wikia, getting it up to date in terms of data, as well as making it easier to navigate. In order to help us do this, we're looking into blocking edits made by non-registered users, in order to ensure that we won't experience any more vandalism attempts or spam, while working on the wikia. What this will mean to you will largely depend on how you're using the Wikia today. If you already have a free user account, then nothing will change - you will still be able to edit like you've been able to previously. If you haven't signed up for a user account yet, however, you won't be able to edit any of the pages on the Wikia untill it is re-enabled. As an unregistered user, you'll still be able to view the contents of the Wikia, just like you used to, you just won't be able to edit any of the contents, unless you sign up.

Now, there are several advantages to signing up and getting a user profile, such as gaining recognition for your work, earning achievements and enabling us to get into contact with you, in case we'd like to praise you or just discuss something with you in general. You'll also be able to recieve notifications if somebody replies to something you've said on the Wikia!

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this guys! :)

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