Hello everyone welcome to my blog I hope to become an active member in the WWII Gaming community. My first post is about my top five rated World War Two games. They are both multiplayer and single player

War Thunder

War Thunder is an MMO airforce game taking place in all times of the war including the leading countires of the war. USA, Great Britain, Soviet Union, Germany, Japan, Italy and Australia. The game developers have announced the release of the Navy and Army branch to come out with in two years.

Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault

Pacific Assault is in the Electronic Arts series Medal Of Honor games which are single player. You are a fresh recruit of the United States Marine Corp stationed at Pearl Harbor and go through the major events in the Allied Pacific Assault.

World Of Tanks

World Of Tanks is another MMO game which I am an amateur at. But not a noob. It is all tanks and very hard for newbs and amateurs like myself. The countries include Japan, USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, China and the Soviet Union.

Call Of Duty 3

I used to play it on my Wii (Lol Ikr) it has great garphics and you swill switch between many Allied affiliated groups, Including the French Resistance. It is ground combat only and is completely Europe. Very great I should have put this above World Of Tanks but I am to lazy.

Battleground Europe

Battleground Europe was released in 1999 with standard graphics from that time which are nothing like current standard graphics. Very active game still and is seperate from the timeline where you can play all branches and control the towns in Europe for your faction.

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