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    War Thunder presents Squadron system!

    Tomorrow on 13th of June starting from 6 pm GMT (11 am PDT) everyone will have an opportinty to register his own Squadron.

    Squadrons are in-game associations of players designed for cooperative fights, participation in tournaments and just having fun. Squadrons will unite its members with common tag and name. Members of a Squadron are brothers in arms, who fight side by side, share victories and defeats.

    War Thunder Team

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  • Lohchuantuck
    • Try to secure the upper hand before attacking. If possible, keep the sun behind you.
    • Always carry through an attack when you have started it.
    • Fire only at close range and only when your opponent is properly in your sights.
    • Always keep your eye on your opponent, and never let yourself be deceived by ruses.
    • In any form of attack it is essential to assail your opponent from behind.
    • If your opponent dives on you, do not try to evade his onslaught, but fly to meet it.
    • When over the enemy’s lines never forget your own line of retreat.
    • Attack on principal in groups of four or six. When the fight breaks up into a series of single combats, take care that several do not go for one opponent.
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    Gaijin Entertainment announces the development of the mobile version of its top-rated War Thunder WWII combat MMO. War Thunder mobile will be available for iOS and Android devices. Specifically built for smartphones and tablets, the mobile version of War Thunder delivers next-generation graphics, breathtaking action and an unique game mode: Dogfight. A war machine extravaganza now in your pocket!

    Over 1.5 million players have already played the PC-version of War Thunder and this fan base is growing day by day. The new mobile version of the game gives you an unique opportunity to stay in the battle skies of War Thunder even when you’re away from home! Pilot the flying legends of the Second World War, defeat your enemies and support your troop…

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    First Effort

    February 10, 2013 by Lohchuantuck

    I am currently focusing in making new pages, before start editing content to more informative ones.


    1. Adding each page into any categories relevant.
    2. Providing edit summary for easy reference.
    3. Currently working based on official website before in-depth research for each subject being done.
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